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Effort, energy and… money: are you limiting your education due to its cost?

University, accommodation and other expenses weigh heavily on the family budget. Therefore, when it comes to studying abroad, the risk is to preclude a precious experience due to a mere but decisive financial constraint.

The constant variation of tuition fees has a considerable impact on mobilities.

However, since the information is power, you should know that Eurydice is an Institutional network that collects, updates, analyzes and disseminates information on policies, structure and organization of European education systems.

At the same time, this incredible resource regularly publishes comparative analyses regarding tuition fees and support systems available in Europe, focusing on higher education.

However, the possibilities for enjoying one's school career to the fullest do exist: there are various support systems and more and more programs - national and European - which allow students to carry out a period of study abroad.

Indeed, alongside the well-known Erasmus+ program - an EU program which offers university students all over Europe grants for a study period abroad in over 34 countries.

The extensive reach involves almost all European country governments offering different kinds of scholarships, which will soon be possible to see as personalized tips in our app.

A user can indicate a set of quick parameters (which we DO NOT keep track of), such as age, the field of study, spoken languages, budget conditions, departure city or country, and the UNA algorithms will elaborate on the most suitable opportunities abroad!

You can find information on scholarships for international students. For example, did you know that:

  • Germany provides funding through the DAAD,

  • in Hungary, you can study at the Balassi Institute,

  • Malta has the Sports and Endeavor programmes,

  • The UK offers Chevening Scholarships.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in carrying out an entire period of study abroad to obtain a master's or doctoral degree, do not miss the opportunity to apply for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master.

Don't you know what it is? We will talk about it in the following article. Stay tuned!


EU Publication office.png

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