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Are you looking for a job in Italy? Credem Bank will make 100 new hires by the end of the year

The company's goal for the year was to reach 300 entries by the end of December 2022; about 100 job opportunities are left!

If you'd like to be commercial or are interested in the IT, organization or innovation area, you should enrich this goal: this company will empower you.

After obtaining the Equal Salary Certification from the organization of the same name, Credem doesn't stop and continues to invest in people to achieve its goal of achieving 300 new hires in 2022.

There are still 100 spots left, which means the next lucky one could be you!

The new hires research is open throughout the country and to "Area Futuro", the corporate structure that brings together Information Technology, organization, innovation and Credemtel(a Group company dedicated to developing digital solutions).

If you have a diploma or degree (regardless of your field of study), and good communication skills, you could be included in the commercial network.

If, on the other hand, you are a recent graduate in one of these STEM disciplines: • engineering, • mathematics, • informatics, • physics, • statistics,

You will be among the advantageous candidates to fill roles within the "Area Futuro" in roles such as: • IT expert, • analyst, • developer, • project managers.

Another big news? Since 2015, corporate welfare benefits, before the needs due to the pandemic, include using Smart Working (today, over 85% of employees have an active smart working contract).

One of the company's purposes is to increasingly improve the relationship between the private and working life of the people who work for Credito Emiliano (Credem) and to further enhance their organizational and initiative skills through trust, delegation and accountability.

People in Credem play an essential role at the core. Therefore, the company aims to enhance a shared value to make itself a dynamic, young reality, attentive to relationships and the climate, and gender equality guaranteed by the Equal Salary Certification, obtained on 23rd November 2020.

Marco Casini, Head of Personnel Management and Selection:

"Our goal is to continue to pay close attention to the uniqueness of all the people of the Group through professional growth paths, training and welfare so that everyone can feel good in the company and valued in being yourself."

You can find other certified companies on our map; for further details about the open positions in Credem, here.


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