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Anti-violence centres: do you know what kind of help you can get from them?

Let's talk a bit about some services offered by many anti-violence centres.

One of the pillars to accelerate the reduction of the gender gap is to provide a support network for our community.

In many situations, an Ambassador may be enough to help you integrate into your new city. Still, each path has its uniqueness, and someone may need extra help, and in those cases, the one can rely on the network of European anti-violence centres (WAVE).

We are moving to bring all these realities into our map in the best possible way, but, as always, we started from what we know best, from our home, Italy.

Within the virtual tour of Italy, you will find the data relating to the anti-violence centres of the D.I.Re network (women in the network against violence).

The D.i.Re association brings together more than 82 women's organizations in a single project that addresses the issue of male violence against women from the perspective of gender difference.

The Anti-Violence Centers are places where women who have suffered violence are welcomed. Thanks to telephone reception, personal interviews, hospitality in shelters and the numerous other services offered, women are assisted in their path to exit from violence.

All the telephone numbers of the D.i.Re anti-violence centres are available at this link, city by city, in alphabetical order.

You deserve a new chance!

Here are the activities carried out by the D.I.Re network to combat gender-based violence:

  • telephone reception;

  • individual interviews;

  • hospitality in shelters;

  • second-level hospitality;

  • support for minors who are victims of direct or witnessing violence;

  • activities of psychological consultancy;

  • legal consultancy;

  • support groups;

  • training;

  • promotion;

  • awareness and prevention;

  • data collection and processing;

  • orientation and accompaniment to work;

  • collection of bibliographic and documentary material on the themes of violence;

  • shelters, often with a private address, host women and their minor children for a period of emergency.

We want to tailor the perfect network, leveraging well-established organizations open to offer you all the help you need in

the new destination.

Just use our map, search for your destination and keep an eye on our information about anti-violence centres or any European community already integrated into our platform.


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Thank you

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