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Who we are

The meaning goes beyond the acronym.
In Italy, the gender gap is very far from being bridged.

The network we are creating aims to help many women in the world, but, as always, it is critical to start locally, from what you know better, from what you feel you can impact in fruitful ways and promptly.

That is why this name celebrates our origins too.  In Italian, “una” is a definite feminine article. The “A” is the ending that distinguishes women from men;
a small, single letter can influence government positions, your role in companies, and society.

UNA Women celebrates a woman who dares to follow herself to empower her life. A woman who wants to help others realise themselves through their potential.

UNA Women is you, UNA Women is all of us, when we struggle together, to design the world, we would like to live in.

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Inspire women around the world to shape their future.

The founders

Sara Baroni.jpg

Sara Baroni

Journalist, feminist, activist, YOLO economy believe, diversity and inclusion sustainer.

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Guido Mazza.jpg

Guido Mazza

Co-founder of UNA Women and ITER IDEA, cloud services and mobile apps.

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Matteo Carbone.jpg

Matteo Carbone

Co-founder of UNA Women and ITER IDEA, cloud services and mobile apps.

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How it started

We always lived and felt like European citizens. Our common vision initially was to stimulate innovation in the many communities around the world who dream big. Over the past seven years we have inspired several European communities with our cloud solutions.

Our strong experience in the development of cloud services and mobile apps allowed us to earn prestigious international collaborations, thanks to the creation of platforms such as Papaya, used by students from over one hundred universities in Europe and supported from the Erasmus Student Network.


We responded to the Europen challenge launched with the EU Datathon 2021 of supporting "An economy that works for people", translating the social challenges of the post-pandemic period into solutions. The main goal was to contribute to the recovery of female mobility, bringing the value of open data to all those young users who wish to take a step towards the Europe of the future, taking advantage of a new way to access a plurality of information through a single portal.

The first version of our app, Wonder Wanderlust Women, won a double first prize at the global event “EU Open Data Days 2021”, beating a competition of over 96 submissions from 33 countries. We were awarded precisely on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of violence against women, November 25th, at the international event (live from Luxembourg).

This experience helped shape and inspire us, but we quickly realized that we wanted more:

we want to see change in our lifetime. That's why, after new studies, research, partnerships and a total rebranding of our solution, we have come to UNA Women!




24th january 2022

Le startup, il cloud computing e i costi del marketing

Guido Mazza è co-founder di ITER IDEA (scritto tutto maiuscolo), la startup che ha vinto il premio della  categoria (more...)

gazz modena.jpg

6th December 2021

ITER IDEA: doppio premio per l’app dedicata alle donne

Il progetto di tre giovani sbaraglia la concorrenza di 96 proposte da 33 Paesi (more...)

startup mag.jpg

26th November 2021

ITER IDEA conquista l’Europa con la nuova app per giovani donne: Wonder Wanderlust Women

Doppia vittoria europea per ITER IDEA: la startup vince il premio di categoria (more...)

emilia romagna.jpg

November 2021

Open data, ITER IDEA vince l'EU Datathon 2021

Doppia vittoria europea per ITER IDEA: la startup vince il premio di categoria “Un’economia che lavora per le persone” (more...)

click lavoro.jpg

28th October 2021

ITER IDEA, la startup che valorizza i dati per migliorare la vita dei cittadini

Ispiriamo i nostri clienti verso un'innovazione autentica, (more...)

EU Commission.png

22nd October 2021

‘The teams behind the apps’ series: meet ITER IDEA

'The teams behind the apps' is a series of videos made (more...)


10th August 2021

Startup italiana finalista all'Eu Datathon 2021

Quando l’innovazione affronta le dinamiche imposte (more...)

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